• Blitz Beton

    Blitz Beton

    We manufacture precast products such as: Concrete walls, Loffelstein retaining walls and road kerbs. Rainbow Concrete manufactures a unique precast fence which is double sided, one side coloured with a face brick finish to suite your building or house.

  • Loffelstein


    The dry stacking, interlocking, retaining system. Unique of its versatility, adaptability and plantability.

  • Fast - Wall

    Fast - Wall

    This unique method was initiated by the fact that it is time and cost consuming to build plastered brick columns. This method has little inconvenience during construction with finishing of high quality. These concrete blocks are cast beforehand and the client knows what quality to expect. The precast blocks fit onto each other and bonded with epoxy.


Concrete Palisade Fencing



Rainbow Concrete is the manufactures of concrete palisade fencing in Bloemfontein. Therefore we can supply customers in the Free State and Northern Cape.

Concrete Palisade fencing is a high quality security system. The strength of the steel reinforced concrete elements ensure a high level of security is achieved. One of the numerous benefits of this product is its open slat configuration. The product does not completely obscure the fenced – in area and at the same time also allow visibility to the outside of the premises.

Palisade Concrete fencing which is manufactured by Rainbow Concrete is 2.4m high.

Description Standard Measurements (mm) Reinforcing Standard Fence height & panel widths
Post 3000 x 140/ 80x 230 4  x Y5.6mm Steel Fence 2.4m
Beams 1940 x 150 / 140 x 65 4 x Y5.6mm Steel Panel 2.0m
Pales 2370 x 95 / 80 x 60 3 x Y5.6mm Steel